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What else is there in life?

I said in my last post that I’d be making something with the rest of the batch of caramelized onions… well here it is!

Pizza hot outta the oven

Tuesday a couple of my closest and most favorite friends came over for bubbly and dinner.  It was a really nice chance to catch up with friends since everyone’s busy with wedding plans (their own and everyone else’s! it’s crazy!!)

I won’t share the recipe, because like most things I try for the first time it needs a bit of tweaking, but the overall concept is easy.

I had caramelized onions, I had goat cheese, I had frozen Whole Foods Pizza dough.  Add a pear and some arugula= there is one tasty pizza!

All ready!


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Hello friend.

Iiiiiiiiii know. Tacos. Again. Well, not really.  The flavors were there, but this was decidedly different.  After last week’s corn taco spectacular I had grilled corn and black beans at the ready.  Of course, I could have lived off of texas caviar (black bean corn avocado delicious salsa) for a week, but decided against that.

Instead, I improvised on an idea I had seen over here from Ms. Ree.  Two things I love- together at last.  What could be so wrong with that?  This is my take on it….


Get your toppings ready

Grilled corn, seasoned chicken, pepperjack cheese

Mash up some black beans, can of diced tomatoes together and season with salt, pepper, lots of cumin, and some chili powder.  Use as “sauce” for your pizza


Add your toppings…

Cook in a very hot oven until golden brown & bubbly…

Slide onto a cutting surface and top with anything else you’d like- I went with diced avocado, cilantro, and a drizzle of some chipotle-lime-spiced dressing.

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Amazingly, I laughed and said, "grab a fork"

You can’t win ’em all, right?  Guess my pizza cockiness finally caught up with me… however. I have an excuse. I was not in my own kitchen and therefore did not have all the tools.  I brought cornmeal in my lil’ mini container, but it wasn’t enough.  Still tasted good though…

Poor lil' guy never had a chance

On the heels of this loss I was looking for something easy, didn’t want to be challenged a whole lot, and needed to do something with the copious amounts of mozzarella cheese I had left over, as well as basil, and mushrooms.  More often than not around here you probably have come to learn that my cooking is a result of what is left in my fridge and cupboard rather than the other way around.  At the moment, cheese is king.  Usually that’s a good thing, but most of it isn’t exactly snacking cheese or cheeses that go well together.  Current inventory:  small block of mozzarella, 1 cup shredded mozzarella, nearly full container ricotta cheese (which will become a pie this weekend) a small wedge of blue cheese, shredded parmesan, a small block of parmesan, still leftover cojita, and finally, a wee bit of port salut, which is actually, perfect for snacking and my most favorite summer cheese.  Anyway, the mozz & the ricott are stealing the show right now.  That led to me either lasagna (too hot for that) or mac n’cheese or some sort.

I asked Google to find me italian mac n’cheese recipes and I found this lil’ number* from the people of the great state of Wisconsin.  Only thing I changed was to add mushrooms to up the veggie count and I used whole wheat fusilli because it’s what was in the cupboard.  I also used 1% milk and it came out great all the same.  Warm, gooey, tasted like Italy in a bowl.  The basil added a nice freshness and the tomatoes & mushrooms made me feel not so bad about eating mac n’cheese.


*Best website ever. I will be coming back for more cheese inspiration!!


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