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Under Construction

I apparently am not as creative or original as I had hoped.  Let me explain.  It’s been on my mind for quite some time now that I’m not the best food blogger.  I don’t take great photos- combination of iPhone and really bad kitchen lighting make for sad looking food sometimes.  I also am clearly bad at keeping up with you folks- I have a lot of things in the queue, but they’re not very interesting and I’ve had a lot of kitchen fails lately.  I read a lot of other fantastic food blogs and sometimes it makes mine feel a lil’ inadequate. I have food blog envy.

Besides that I feel like there’s more to share- lil’ experiences around Boston- general life musings, my ridiculously fat & awesome cat.  So I’m going to switch gears and mix things up a bit.  For awhile I’ve been thinking that I should swing this into the more general category of lifestyle blog or whatever they’re called these days.  Which brings us back to the original point- I am not as clever as I thought.  I had grand intentions of telling you all this and slapping a funny “under construction” sign up.  Well.  Apparently so did everyone else.  I googled “Under construction” and yes most of the images were actual construction/industrial but a lot were website under construction or some riff on that.

Thus came Pinterest.  I just joined.  I’m obsessed.  There’s SO much pretty out there.  And that is where the above image is from, pinned by another Pinterest member by way of juicy-bits.typepad.com .  And, sidenote- when & if I ever have kids- this party idea is adorbs.

A new name and design have yet to be decided on, but I wanted you give you loyal readers, all 5 of you, an update on my whereabouts and of things to come.  So stayed tuned.


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